Industrial Catering

Our Industrial catering section provides food and beverages on a large scale to corporates in their canteens, camps and at locations of their choice, whilst satisfying the diverse needs of the Individual customers’ tastes. Backed with modern kitchen equipment and technology, our experienced team can manage a huge volume to any location in a variety of flavours. It is based on the assumption that better fed employees are happy and more productive and this can be achieved at concessional rates. Catering for a large workforce may be undertaken by the management itself, or may be contracted out. Depending on the choice of the menu suggested by the management, we can undertake to feed the workforce for a fixed period of time.

Sample Hotel Staff Menu
Sample Hotel Staff Menu 1 Sample Hotel Staff Menu 2 Sample Hotel Staff Menu 3
Sample Senior Lunch Menu
Sample Senior Lunch Menu 1 Sample Senior Lunch Menu 2 Sample Senior Lunch Menu 3
Sample Workers Menu
Sample Workers Menu 1 Sample Workers Menu 2 Sample Workers Menu 3
Sample Senior Lunch Menu